On Encouraging Girls in Tech

Aug 05, 2012

Drawing A

Sometime in last year, I decided to be a technovation instructor for their technovation challenge, an after school program that teaches girls to design their own android apps and gives them a fast and furious lesson in creating a start-up. We were lucky, we got to spend eight glorious weeks in the Google office in San Francisco.

It was through that experience that I got to meet Emilie Robert Wong, a gifted young woman. When I met her, she had already won the previous years challenge. After the program was over, we met up again at the Bay Area NCWIT Affiliate Aspirations in Computing Award , where I was a panelist. I invited her over to come visit with us at ICSI. She met fellow scientist and learned about life in a research institute. I am forever grateful for the in-depth conversation we had with my fellow colleague Nicholas Weaver.

I really believe in mentorship, particularly when it comes to women and under-represented minorities in technology. One of the reasons why I am in this field is because I saw female technical faculty like Gwen Volkert, Olfa Nasaroui, and Amy De Jongh Curry.

Here is the amazing Emilie doing her thing. You can read about her some more in this Huffington Post write up