Hello World It's Fimio

Jan 25, 2023

A did a thing in 2022, I founded a Web3 Startup!


Hi everyone! I am proud to share my next thing, Fimio, with you all.

The web has had an outsize impact on my life. As a freshman in the late 90s, I discovered the web and decided then and there it was going to be my future. I have seen the rise of e-commerce, of social media, of open-source, and their impact on the world.

The next evolution of the web is #Web3; a web of decentralized-permissionless systems that remove a lot of barriers that have held our progress hostage. But before we can truly bring that experience to reality, we need to tackle the twin evils of fraud and coordination problems.

That is why I founded Fimio, to bring trust to the trustless web. If you want to learn more about Fimio and my motivations, you can follow our progress on Twitter, @Fimioxyz, or read more about it here on our blog.