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Keynote, “Cognitive Apprenticeship - Experience in Open Source,” Linux Conference Australia -, January, 2021.

Speaker, “Science in the Age of Data: Accelerating Human Progress,” JupyterCon, October, 2020.

Keynote, “Africa - The Next Frontier,” DLD Munich, Munich, January, 2020.

Speaker, “Why is machine learning seeing exponential growth in its communities?,” O’Reilly TensorFlow World, Santa Clara, October, 2019.

Speaker, “AI at the Frontier: A Global Viewpoint,” Fortune Brainstorm Tech, July, 2019.

Keynote, “A new vision for the global brain: Deep learning with people instead of machines,” O’Reilly Velocity Conf, London, October 2018.

Speaker, “Opening Keynote - GitHub Universe,” GitHub Universe, San Francisco, October 2018.

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